Hiding is Hard Work

I was reading a novel recently and came across these words which, to me, express how the Lord can change shame and self-loathing into gratitude. See what you think.

“I’ve learned that we all have things we would rather hide, that we would prefer to keep locked away. Even from God, if we could. Mostly from Him, I guess. But when you are made to stand before others naked, so to speak, with all your faults showing…that changes a person.

Seeing yourself for who you really are, without your Sunday-go-to-meetin’-clothes on, as Charlie might say. It makes a person more grateful for having been forgiven so much. Because once you have seen yourself without Him, you realize you don’t ever want to see yourself like that again.

Most people never get the chance to see themselves so clearly. So I guess that makes you and me kind of lucky.”  (from Beyond This Moment by Tamera Alexander).

I believe when we are abused or neglected as children that many of our “faults” are a result of the shame and self-loathing because of the lies we internalized in those moments. But we still must open our wounded places to the Lord and allow Him to give us His truth in place of our lie-based beliefs. It is all about trust.



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