Malformed Beliefs

One day while walking the beach, I noticed strands which looked like piano wire littering the sand. My immediate assumption was that a load of wire had been dumped offshore and was now strewn along the beach creating a hazard. On closer examination, I noticed that some of the strands had a cracked yellow covering like you might find on electrical wire. This only confirmed my theory about the offshore dumping. I was outraged! How could someone be so irresponsible?

A few days later I learned that these yellow strands were the skeletons of a gulf organism called whip coral. I was mistaken, but my emotional response was very real.

If we believe a lie about our personal value and worth, we make life choices based on what we believe. “The lie might as well be true,'” says Ed Smith. For example, believing we are worthless invites people to treat us badly,  as though we deserve the humiliation.

How do the experiences of your past keep you from experiencing the peace of being the Lord’s Beloved? What are the self-incriminating words that flash through your mind on a regular basis–the ones you take to heart? Ask the Lord about the root of those beliefs.

“My eyes are ever on the Lord for only he will release my feet from the snare.” Psalm 25:15.



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