IMG_6119Annette Geroy is an advocate for those who have suffered the dehumanizing impact of childhood sexual abuse and neglect. She is an incest survivor who has found healing through Jesus Christ. As an author, free-lance writer and conference speaker, she offers hope for healing and models ways to discover your true identity.

Annette’s most recent conference, entitled Developing Emotional and Spiritual Maturity (Why do we struggle with growing up?), was shared with women in Lubbecke, Germany.

Through her personal experience and years of working one-on-one with other survivors, she believes we all can begin LOOKING WITH NEW EYES at ourselves, others and God. Her deep insights into the thoughts and emotions of the abused and neglected will help you develop new perspectives as your wounds are healed.

Annette is an Executive Director of a 501c3 non-profit where she and her husband walk along side hurting people who are trapped in behaviors which make life unmanageable. Learn more about her work through Mount Horeb House.

Annette’s  books are being used around the world to bring hope to shattered lives.