LOOKING WITH NEW EYES                      

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The story of Annette’s healing journey from the emotional and spiritual ravages of childhood sexual abuse is found in Looking With New Eyes. It is honest without being crude, direct and heart felt. If you or someone you love suffered abuse as a child, this book will give you a fresh look at the human spirit’s resilience to handle the devastation sexual abuse can create. Yet the pages are filled with hope for freedom from the bondage of shame. If you are a pastor, counselor, employer, parole officer, or people helper, it is inevitable that you will encounter women and men who have been sexually abused. Looking With New Eyes will equip you to respond to them with words of hope for healing.

Testimony: “I sat in prayer and looked at each page of this book with mixed emotions, reading through half of it in one sitting. It was hard to put down. I cried for the little girl who was hurt. I felt rage for the suffering you had to endure and yet I was inspired by your walk with the Lord. I felt victorious with your strength to overcome. You have a beautiful way of showing the loving arms of our Lord wrapped around you through all these days.”

Leigh Hebert, Women’s Ministry Leader, Musician

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BUILT WITH STONES OF TURQUOISEpic front cover of Turquoise

The room was SILENT. SILENT. SILENT. A collective gasp stirred the air as I looked up to see a dozen faces openly staring at me. The shuttering of eyes told me they didn’t know what to do with the beautifully raw story I had just read about God’s tenderness toward me following a horrific display of man’s darkness.

“How can you talk openly about such things?” they asked.

How can I not?

As the Lord brings healing to those deeply wounded places from your past, you will begin to understand just how much you are loved. While learning to live and walk in the freedom of your true identity, you will face challenges from those around you and, perhaps, from within your own heart and mind. Built with Stones of Turquoise addresses some common challenges you may face and investigates ways to respond with grace.

The following is a judge’s commentary on this book for the 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards 

BUILT WITH STONES OF TURQUOISE: LEARNING TO LIVE AND WALK IN FREEDOM  by Annette Geroy is an insightful, deep book that will help readers explore their inner lives and live better and more fully as a result. The image of turquoise will help those who learn visually.  I especially like the poem, “Who Am I?” The topics are difficult, but that is what this book is about. Very thought-provoking and poignant. The person who is struggling with deep pain will benefit from this book if he or she is willing to sit down and really engage with the material, and be willing and ready to reconcile with God. The message of love and understanding is very appealing, and I sincerely pray that those who want and need this book will find it in their hands. Of course, the color of the cover is wonderful. The endorsements are excellent, and the book lives up to their promise. God bless you, Annette Geroy!

Testimony: I absolutely love this book! It has been such a beautiful reminder of truth; we are not alone on the journey of healing! I loved the times of meditation on scripture and the questions she posed for us to ask God; expecting answers. Annette has deep insight into the thoughts and emotions felt during the healing process, and has brought God’s truth to light in each chapter. The quiet moments have been some of the sweetest times with my Savior in a long time. I could truly picture Him building me with precious stones!

Elizabeth Leftwich, Pastor’s wife, Women’s Ministry Leader

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