My Gift of Holy Love

I was listening to this song recently and began to wonder, “What was the gift?” I believe that God the Father watched as Jesus suffered an excruciating death while sorrow and joy tore at the depths of His heart.

  • The deepest sadness that His son had to suffer such a cruel death
  • The greatest joy that all of humanity could be reunited with Him—the price freely paid by Jesus.

This great communal act of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit removed all doubt concerning their love for us through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Yet we so often miss the truth of what really happened. We were given the opportunity to be free of sin or missing the mark of God’s best for us by doubting His love for us, His goodness toward us. That doubt keeps us from accepting the fact that He accepts us, just as we are. (Brennan Manning)

Doubt keeps us wallowing in shame, remorse, self-hatred and guilt over real or imagined failings and reveals our DIStrust in the love of God.

In order to grow in trust (it is a process) we must stop hiding. We must allow God to see us and love us precisely as we are. The Spirit opens our eyes to see what really is, to pierce through the illusions so that we can discover we are seen by God—only through eyes of love.

John 14:1 says, “Trust in God and trust in me.” It is a command, not a suggestion. Jesus tells us to trust Him even when it doesn’t feel good or right. Child-like surrender in trust is the defining spirit of authentic discipleship. His gift of holy love can be trusted. What keeps us holding back?

Trusting Him with my life.


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