God’s Quiet Provision

Dear friend, if you are reading this, I thank you. I did not realize the time commitment required to write a weekly blog, and gasped when a friend suggested if you really want to be successful you should write four to five per week. Aaugh! Don’t get me wrong. I have all kinds of stories to share. However, life tends to require our attention to other things at times.

My husband, Dan, has had diabetes for over 30 years. He has managed to remain relatively healthy for all those years, but the past five have presented some of the usual challenges associated with diabetes: tiny lesions in the eyes, charcot arthropathy (a collapse of bones in his ankle), and now, lymphedema (swelling in his legs). In each instance, someone (usually not a doctor) has suggested a product or method to help with the condition. It has been amazing.

Most recently he has developed a blister on the bottom of his big toe. Why? We do not know. He has been attended by a very capable doctor who is not pleased with the fact that the blister is not healing well.

Yesterday, a woman we had never met was handing out bulletins in the foyer of our church. She overheard Dan talking with a friend about his frustration with the slowly-healing blister. She stepped forward and gave him the name of a product which is designed to increase the rate of healing for open wounds. Turns out she is a nurse and a wound care specialist.

In the middle of our pain it is easy to forget that God is walking through this with us. He is touching hearts and providing help in ways we could never do for ourselves. We need eyes to see, ears to hear and a grateful heart.


One thought on “God’s Quiet Provision

  1. Yes!! That song ‘God is on the Move” is so true. He is so ready to bring us answers if we pay enough attention to see it and then give God the glory for out. Thanks for the tender to keep my retirees open.


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