Coming Out of Lo Debar

Lo Debar—that desolate little town in the middle of the wilderness—no trees, scant water, dusty winds. A young prince lived there, far removed from the elegant clothes he once wore and the rich food he enjoyed. His legs were crippled, so he had to pull himself around on crutches. Plus, he was daily afraid for his life.

Have you ever been there? Have you been thrown into Lo Debar, a place of desolation by some devastating circumstance of life? Perhaps it was the loss of a spouse or a child, a loss of health or the security of a job. All sorts of things can create depression, but the greatest contributing factors are the lies we believe about ourselves.

Mephibosheth, and those around him, believed that he was destined to be killed by King David. He believed he had to stay hidden, to be invisible. He was bitter and hopeless about the circumstances of his life, but it was the way of his world.

He didn’t know that King David had made a covenant with his father to accept Jonathan’s children as his own. He did not know, so he stayed hidden.

Often, we stay trapped in our own Lo Debar of lies: It is hopeless; things will never change; it is my fault; I am alone. We do not realize that Jesus made an unbreakable covenant with God, our Father, to take us as His own. We forget that He will give us strength, love and assurance so that we can step out of our Lo Debar and into the life He has for us.

Jesus knows our pain and fear, our desolation, but He does not want us to stay in that place of being overwhelmed by our emotions. Run to Jesus. Talk to Him about your Lo Debar, then LISTEN for His truth.

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”  Matt 11:28.

You can come out of Lo Debar and into the safety of His arms.


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