Grieving the Loss

A way to prayLord, I choose to place myself in a posture of listening. I am going to create a pocket of stillness and wait to hear from You. Holy Spirit, open my eyes, guide me to the truth. What should I say, think or do in this situation?

How often have you heard the cliché “pull up your boot straps and move on?”  The implication is that the bad thing that happened to you or the awkward situation you find yourself in does not matter, therefore you do not matter. Others may believe these words to be a source of encouragement, but they actually express an impersonal platitude delivered with a dismissive attitude.

Without time and attention, a deep physical wound does not heal. The same is true for emotional wounds. Not taking time to heal our hurts is like putting a band aid on a four-inch cut. The emotional wound becomes infected, allowing bitterness and unforgiveness to establish a stronghold. I believe identifying and grieving the loss is absolutely necessary before you can truly forgive the one who caused you harm.

Brennan Manning says, “To feel is natural, to be overcome by our feelings at times is natural, to stay overcome by our feelings is idolatry.”

So how do we find the end of our grief and move forward? Allow the Lord to share your grief and heal your wounded places. Ask for His perspective, His truth.

Blessings in the Lamb,


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